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JourneyCX CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Create Happy Customers! 

Telesense provides low-code modular software that’s 5x quicker to install, support and expand than traditional software solutions. The low-code software suite provide a 360-degree view of  every subscriber and eliminates the data silos that slow your company’s response times. Agents no longer  have to say, “Please give me a minute. I need to check another system.”


The software suite sits on top of your existing technology, consolidating and orchestrating subscriber data:

Personal and contact information

  • All accounts from current and legacy systems
  • All purchases, devices, and subscriptions
  • Services, offers, orders, rewards
  • Documents, contracts, and history
  • Trouble tickets and notifications
  • CLV, churn risk, and more predictive indicators


In addition, it incorporates all interactions with your company, subsidiary companies, and even acquired  companies, giving you a panoramic view of every subscriber. Agents can then resolve issues, upsell third-  party products, apply payments, activate services, and perform any task, directly from the portal.


Just as importantly, you can deliver a consistent experience across all channels: direct sales, retail, online,  mobile, social and call center. The suite can be a foundation for an omnichannel CRM architecture. All  information handled by your channels can be pulled from and processed through Telesense JouneyCX CRM, eliminating duplicative data, business logic, and entire systems.


With Telesenses’ JourneyCX CRM solution, your teams have clear visibility into subscribers’ usage. Instead of accessing multiple screens to get subscribers’ data, agents can access one portal to get a true 360º view of the customer.

Agents will be able to create quotes, sell, collect, resolve tickets and cases, create appointments, save  documents needed for future demands, and manage many more tasks - all on the same screen.

In addition the CRM interface is simple to use.


Thanks to a panoramic view of each customer, and the ability to transact from one portal, your teams gain true insights of activities.

Fortunately, change is easy!


Engage customers in exciting new ways. Perform routine tasks more efficiently. Deliver a consistent experience across all channels.

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