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Since inception GSM became the preferred and most popular standard worldwide for mobile communications. As an organization we were privilege to be part of this revolution from the outset. This gave us deep insight in the technology across all standards released since inception.

Our organization also engaged with investors in creating and developing revenue opportunities for a diverse set of cultures and environments. As such we know how to develop a technology blueprint that will not only meet the technology standards but that will enable investors to monetize their investment while ensuring a compelling market offer.

Our organization are responsible for many network operations and support through our managed services offer. In addition, our Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) allows us to support our on-site engineers to be pro-active in resolving network related problems in a timely fashion.

We cover the full spectrum from design and build to maintenance and support.

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At Telesense Group everyone is welcome to contact us for their various solution requirements and integration work. We are here to walk the walk with you!

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